The term passive fire protection is used to define products and systems which are a vital part of the construction of a building. They are intended to protect the structure by containing fires and smoke within designated compartments to significantly eradicate or slow the extent of the fire spreading through the building.


By doing this it provides safe egress for the building occupants and permits safe admission for fire fighters and emergency services. As passive system works purely on the fact that no electrical or mechanical forces are needed to make it function, the only requirement is correct application of prescribed products.

Fire is a serious threat to people and property and it’s flow on effect can lead to financial state of instability for companies and their employees. Our Passive Fire division can assist you to optimise the fire protection of multi-use buildings such as offices, shopping malls, high rise blocks, hospitals, schools, aged care facilities and public buildings. We use officially tested systems that are based on proven modern and innovative designs. All our work is installed to meet AS 1530.4 & AS4072.1. We not only offer system solutions but also extensive support during planning and construction. Our unrivaled industry expertise continues to be at the front of protecting lives and property against fire. Whether you are looking to integrate into an existing building, or a project that is at the drawing board or planning stage, we can ensure that fundamental principles of fire protection are not compromised and stringent New Zealand requirements met.


All work is done according to AS 4072.1 and products used comply with AS1530.4 standards and staff are qualified and experienced staff to ensure compliance.

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  • Commercial

  • Government

  • Body Corporates

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Historic Places

  • Manufacturing

  • Places of Worship

  • Sports Venues

  • Residential Projects

  • Retail



​​Below are just a few examples of buildings where work has been done by our our Core Passive Fire Protection division


Pacific Coast Village.jpg
East 2.jpg

Long Bay Village, Auckland

Pacific Coast Village Beach House

East 2, Wynyard Central
Apartments, Auckland

Parkhaven, Hamilton